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Taig Watchmakers Lathe

Taig Watchmakers Lathe

Watchmakers like precision. This makes perfect sense because all those gears are pounding against each other and still need to keep accurate time. When accuracy of your lathe cuts to down, so does everything else. Until now, there weren’t a lot of options to turn a Taig into a machine similar to a Swiss quality lathe. That’s all changed over the past few years. A small company in Michigan called now makes smartly done upgrades. Two upgrades in particular. First, they’ve produced there own heavy duty headstock and spindles. Why is this good news for the watchmakers and clockmakers?

Firstly, let’s look at the meaty headstock and how it attaches to the lathe. Typically, the OEM Taig lathe uses a really tiny dovetail system for it’s headstock. uses a much thicker chuck of aluminum with no “air gap” between the headstock and the bed. This allows for better energy handling from vibration. Next, let’s look at the headstock itself. If you put the OEM headstock right next to the GlockCNC headstock, you immediately seem the difference. The OEM looks almost wimpy by comparison. The GlockCNC casing has a lot more metal in it and allows for much bigger 62mm OD bearing.  This, in turn, allows for a larger spindle to be used. The fact of the matter is, that, more spindle mass equals better vibration dampening. Let’s talk about those spindles for a watchmakers lathe.

Their typical spindle has a 30mm OD and they shrink fit the bearings to the spindle. They offer ER25, ER32, ER40 and even the huge ER50 collet chuck spindles. The through hole is from .30″ to .89″, depending upon which ER spindle arbor you choose. I would suspect that most watch makers will be using the ER25 or ER32. This allows for very precision workpiece gripping. Plus, the collets are available anywhere. GlockCNC offers .0002″ TIR collets (which is about as accurate as you’ll get). On top of that, they also have adjustable ER nuts to dial out any remaining runout. Of course, if you work piece isn’t straight, then it will make it a challenge to dial out the runout. But, what can be done is make your cut, turn the piece around then use the adjustable nut to dial out the TIR.

All in all, for the watch maker, they offer the perfect setup. Plus, the price is far better than a Swiss machine. Next they offer two brushless motor options; 750 watt and 1200 watt. I can’t foresee a watchmaker needing more than the 750 watt model. According to, they can sell you the lathe complete with all their.


Videos of Taig Upgrades:

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Heavy Machines

Metal marking is an important part of lots of OEMs’ production procedures. As such, it’s unquestionably extremely vital to pick the right supplier – one who has the expertise and experience to provide quality work at the very best price.

Starting a budget in business is a crucial decision; and with a great deal of providers out there in the market, the job can end up being absolutely difficult. You need to choose a producer that offers the very best mix of rate, quality, and service which looks easy enough. Nevertheless, upon much deeper evaluation, it is a multi-dimensional treatment that includes finding what all combinations of features is essential for offering immediate and continuing worth to your business.

It’s important to get familiar with the possible supplier’s work ethic, their background, technical abilities and their customer support. If you are searching for the very best fit, thinking about a possible metal stamping seller on development, reliability, quality, and expense offers strategic insight into making an efficient seller selection that proactively supports your business goals.

To see machines on the market:

Since of plenty of options offered in the market, how can you select the finest one for your company? Although, there are several factors that make a metal supplier provider deserving, here are 3 essential factors to consider when looking for the best metal stamping company for your requirements. With a proper research, ensure your provider offers you with these vital factors-.

1) Complete Technical Information for Capabilities and Providers.

Undoubtedly, your selection in a metal caster is only as good as the services and abilities they provide. Possibilities are, apart from the molding, you require additional and/or secondary services.

Don’t be reluctant in asking concerns- are they offering the particular abilities to meet the item requirements? Does the maker employ the latest EdgeCAM and AutoCAD software application? Exactly what are the readily available product options, and are they offering internal die item and style and prototype advancement?

A provider offering all these services may help in speeding the item’s shipment time whereas minimizing expense.

2) Competency Aligned with Your Task.

Throughout your look for a trustworthy company, you’ll discover that there are a great deal of suppliers for stamps using what you need- however exactly what the majority of individuals do not understand is that not all can operate in the capability required for your specific job. Not all the suppliers will accept the projects of any size, so you should make sure to take a look at the provider’s capacity and ensure that they can and will deal with your particular capability requirements, for both present and future requirements.

3) Proven High-Quality Practices.

Eventually, it’s all about quality; this is something that makes suppliers distinct and that will, consecutively, set you apart. Quality is not something that appears rarely, that’s why you need to look beyond surface-level indications and learn what quality programs the supplier has actually prepared. Once again, ask inquiries: does the company have a quality control (QA) program? Do they carry out regular organized tooling maintenance? What kinds of screening do they carry out? Ensure their practices ensure the constant quality.

You need to select a manufacturer that offers the finest mix of price, quality, and service which looks simple enough. There are several elements that make a metal supplier company worthwhile, here are 3 key considerations when browsing for the finest metal marking supplier for your requirements. Ultimately, it’s all about quality; this is something that makes suppliers distinct and that will, consecutively, set you apart. Quality is not something that appears hardly ever, that’s why you need to look beyond surface-level indications and discover out exactly what quality programs the company has actually prepared. Once again, ask queries: does the company have a quality assurance (QA) program?

Industrial Machinery – US and Chinese

Industrial equipment is definitely needed for lots of organisations to grow and while industrial machinery can cost 10s of thousands of dollars and up, acquiring it from suppliers or producers that are qualified and inexpensive normally suggests a business can be competitive back in their house markets. If you are searching for a low expense supplier or maker of industrial equipment from Asia, perhaps among the best locations to connect is by using the services of Made in China.

Find Industrial Machinery Successfully

Made in China can provide you the resources required to connect with top makers and suppliers of industrial machinery ultimately offering your service a benefit to grow and benefit. As soon as you discover possible matches of commercial machinery providers, you can further research an item or a service to guarantee it fits your requirements prior to making your initial contact with a company.

Purchase Industrial Machinery Overseas with Fewer Complications

While buying industrial equipment overseas is an outstanding way to acquire a competitive benefit, one of the drawbacks of abroad trade is that for lots of it can be complicated and costly. Made in China understands that much of their organisation members are brand-new to abroad trade and we offer lots of tools and resources to ensure that buying industrial equipment is reliable and efficient.

Besides having instant details available, Made in China likewise offers extensive trade services such as trade consultancy for businesses that need vital and particular info when trading with an overseas commercial machinery provider. Made in China is devoted to supplying all organisations quality info and making their trade experience as favorable as possible. Whether you are a single person business or a multi national corporation, you will find utilizing our service that you can quickly prevent a lot of the barriers and mistakes abound.


Heavy Machines